Stretch Limosine + San Francisco Hills = Disaster

Why people rent super-stretch limos in a city that's mostly hills I will never know

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What young Hollywood wants for Xmas: The 6-door Prius limo

Most people looking to modify their Prius do so in order to extract even more fuel economy from the world's most popular hybrid. There undoubtedly aren't a whole lot of mechanically inclined Prius owners thinking limo, but thankfully for us there is one Canadian who did. The custom 10-seater was hacked at the middle, re-formed and re-stuffed, and welded back together. Sure, it seems as though adding considerable weight to a car specifically design with fuel economy in mind seems like a fruitless endeavor, but the man claims to still be getting 50 MPG. We'll believe the economy numbers when we see it. Meanwhile, it's only a matter of time before the designers at Citroen find out their C6 beauty has been duped.